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Electronic Book Sales Program


Princeton Selling Group has developed a comprehensive eBook sales program for our publishers to take advantage of this rapidly developing segment of the marketplace! Our objectives center around having all publishers" titles available for purchase and delivery every day.

Our customers include:

Amazon's Kindle
Barnes & Noble Digital
Apple's iBooks

As part of creating a direct relationship for our publishers with these customers, PSG negotiates the best possible discount. Our service includes selling all titles, with complete metadata, jackets and book descriptions, in place at online listings, to maximize their sales potential so that they are highly visible to end users.

We closely monitor sales of electronic titles and we ensure proper treatment of digital content in the marketplace.

In order to further assist our publishers to establish themselves in the electronic book marketplace, PSG provides consulting services in a number of areas such as Digital Rights Management, end user reaction to your electronic books, pricing and direct marketing programs aimed at increasing your sales and visibility.


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