Princeton Selling Group: Book Marketing and Book Sales Consulting

Marketing Programs That Work

PSG offers our publishers dynamic, custom-made e-marketing programs that promote their titles in a highly focused way by putting pertinent book information into the hands of thousands of the best customers for their specific books. We have a track record of increasing sales and marketing reach through dynamic and custom-made electronic marketing campaigns that deliver increased book sales and promote academic library purchases and course adoptions.


PSG performs focused datamining and creates comprehensive marketing databases tailored to the specific needs of the publisher. Popular databases include academic subject librarians, university professors sorted by research interests and courses taught, and library purchasing agents at the world's premier research institutions.


PSG's direct, regular and highly focused communication with top professors and potential end users offers our client publishers greatly increased visibility and a distinct competitive edge - very few small to mid-size publishers have this high degree of book visibility to their core audience.

Reports and Analytics

Every electronic mailing is followed by a detailed report of mailing analytics which includes mailing read rates and click through rates. We track how customers react to the information which we send and identify those customers who respond more positively, presenting you with the very best customers for your titles.

With our services and expertise, we can deliver to any publisher an expanded long-term customer base for their books!


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