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About Us

Robert Meehan

Robert Meehan, Founder and President, prior to establishing Princeton Selling Group, has successfully managed sales and marketing divisions for a number of publishers including McGraw-Hill, Chelsea House Publishing and the American Institute of Physics. He has 25 years of experience in selling to and working with major book chains, trade and academic whole-salers, Internet businesses and university bookstores. Bob is very proud of PSG's electronic marketing pro-gram and new sales programs in UK/Europe.

Christian Galo

Christian Galo, Marketing Intern, started his work for Princeton Selling Group in September 2019. Christian does careful datamining to target professors of interest for PSG's marketing for client publishers. He also works on projects to find academic librarians in subject areas so PSG can do new title marketing for our publisher clients. Christian can turn around a datamining project with quick and targeted results that help identify key professors tailored to a publisher's demographic audience. Christian is a senior at Haverford College majoring in International Studies.

Alex Rozenski

Alex Rozenski, Marketing Researcher, specializes in marketing services and datamining. He provides PSG's client publishers with information-rich databases which are used to help promote their key titles. Alex is a student at Temple University pursuing a B.A. in English.

Frank Parisi

Frank Parisi, Consultant, provides expertise to PSG on issues surrounding direct marketing and business solutions for Publishers. He has a strong background in the use of Information Systems Application Software to address, streamline and implement solutions to enhance business issues. His background includes several years at IBM, and he is co-founder of Worlco Computer Resources and Worlco Consulting Inc. He has assisted several PSG publishers in the design and implementation of direct electronic marketing programs which have stimulated Publisher awareness and increased their business volumes.

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